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Shampoo Argan


Bella Rio ARGAN shampoo is a Sulfate and salt-free product that cleans hair without drying or damaging it.
Its formula is ultra-moisturizing and leaves hair stronger and reconstructed.

argan kit sh.png


Conditioner Argan

Bella Rio ARGAN hair conditioner has an effective action on hair and it is perfect for daily use, leaving hair moisturized, strong and
reconstructed. We recommend using the
conditioner at the end, that is, right before the argan hair mask.

argan kit cond.png
Hair Mask Argan


Bella Rio ARGAN hair mask  Reconstruction and Strengthening which ensures strength and frizz control. acts by restoring the lack of
capillary mass by providing a healthy and stronger hair growth, thus increasing smoothness and silkiness, repairing hair cuticles and making them more resistance to breaks.

argan kit mask.png
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